The Recycled Rain Project

an annual art show creating works made with rain water to raise awareness of water issues


For our third cycle of The Recycled Rain Project we were thrilled to be able to highlight a featured group of incredibly talented and environmentally-friendly Portland Artists. We had a fantastic opening on May 10th, 2014, thank you to all that attended and a huge thanks to those who found a piece to call their own!



Jon Wippich

RR 2014 Featured Artist Jon Wippich. Jon is a mixed media artist focusing on the many faces of the human condition.

Karen Wippich

RR 2014 Featured Artist Karen Wippich. Karen is a mixed media artist working in acrylic on board, in a creative layering process that gives her a signature style makes her work truly original.


David Slader

RR 2014 Featured Artist David Slader. Along with being a talented artist, David is also an environmentalist and steward to the land.

Some Salt For Sweat And For The Sea

Some Salt For Sweat And For The Sea / 36″ x 80” / Oil on panel / $1,400

on chicago breakdown.DS.070912

On Chicago Breakdown / 36″ x 80” / Oil on panel / $1,400


New Waves of Sardonic / 36″ x 80” / Oil on panel / $1,400


Jesse Narens

RR 2014 Featured Artist Jesse Narens. Jesse is a self-taught artist inspired by nature and influenced by Aboriginal and Inuit art.


10,000 Drops  / 108″ x 72″ / Mixed Media + Collage on Panel / $2500


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Jane Levy-Campbell

RR 2014 Featured Artist Jane Levy-Campbell. Her paintings are combinations of the unexpected.


Harry’s Windows for Sis / 7 panels @ 26″ x 40”/ Watercolor / $7000



Jeni Lee

RR 2014 Featured Artist Jeni Lee.  Her use of different materials and techniques in her work give her a signature style.


Sun River / 20" x  20"

Sun River / 20″ x 20″ / Acrylic + Rain on Canvas / $850

Tidal / 20" x  20" /  Acrylic + Rain on Canvas / $850

Tidal / 20″ x 20″ / Acrylic + Rain on Canvas / $850

Sea Gaze / 20" x 20"

Sea Gaze / 20″ x 20″ / Acrylic + Rain on Canvas / $850


Thérèse Murdza

RR 2014 Featured Artist Thérèse Murdza. With an ever-changing emotive style, her paintings are raw and beautiful at the same time.


Go Ahead And (See Me) In Your Dream / 54″ x 60″ / Mixed Media On Stretched Canvas / $6400



Tim Combs

RR 2014 Featured Artist Tim Combs.  He sees his work as lenses that examine how our culture of convenience allows us to discard or overlook objects.

Intermodal Lozenges [series of ten incidental objects] Assembled Kombucha, Cedar, Lights + Found Material / $575 ea.